Ace-Competent Professionals

If you have any suggestions for doctors/counsellors/anything or feedback on those already listed, please let us know! Shoot me an email at (I will always keep you anonymous)

If you already have a doctor/counsellor and want to explain asexuality to them, you can send them to this pdf. For therapists looking to learn about aromanticism, this video gives an overview of caring for aromantic clients in therapeutic settings. 

Having a therapist that shares lived experiences can be very important. To help you find someone who shares those experiences, counsellors of colour have a  ^ after their name and openly trans/non-binary therapists have a *. 


Some of these therapists have been seen by local aces who’ve had good experiences, some counsellors have reached out and answered questions to be on the list and others have been recommended to us by other counsellors. 

Laura Guenzel* 

Tricia Teeft

Sam Kaplan*

Lori Finklea

Lu Lam^*

Matsui De Roo^*

Carsen Farmer*

Vanessa Fernando^

Daley Laing*

Bridgid McGowan 

Edward Sandberg

Dragonstone Counselling 

Cora Bilsker

Rena Iwasaki^

Roya Vojdani

Doctors and Specialists

Dr. Langner