Ace-Competent Professionals

If you have any suggestions for doctors/counsellors/anything or feedback on those already listed, please let us know! Shoot me an email at (I will always keep you anonymous)

If you already have a doctor/counsellor and want to explain asexuality to them, you can send them to this pdf. For therapists looking to learn about aromanticism, this video gives an overview of caring for aromantic clients in therapeutic settings.

Having a therapist that shares lived experiences can be very important. To help you find someone who shares those experiences, counsellors of colour have a ^ after their name and openly trans/non-binary therapists have a *.


Some of these therapists have been seen by local aces who’ve had good experiences and others have been recommended to us by other counsellors.

Sam Kaplan*

  • Currently wait listing clients (May 2022)

  • Location: Downtown Vancouver

  • Cost: $60 - $135 per session


  • Practicum student

  • Location: Virtual/Phone

  • Cost: $25 - $75 per 50min session

Lori Finklea

  • Location: Fairview

  • Cost: $120 per hour

  • Access Info: Elevator available

Lu Lam^*

  • Cost: $150 per 60min session

  • Locations:

    • Broadway and Cypress,

      • Main entrance flight of stairs, no elevator

      • Washrooms gendered, multi-stall

    • Broadway and Oak

      • Wheelchair accessible

      • Washrooms are single stall, gendered.

Matsui De Roo^*

  • Location: Chinatown

  • Cost: $175 per 50min session, has sliding scale options

  • Access Info: wheelchair accessible, scent-reduced space, the building has a non-automatic entrance door

  • Also supervises a community counselling program run by queer/trans graduate students for $60 per 50min session.

Carsen Farmer

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Cost: $120 per 50 min

  • Access Info: three stairs with handrails, washrooms are gender neutral, scent-reduced space

Vanessa Fernando^

  • Location: Chinatown

  • Cost: $130 per 50 min, $170 per 90 min

  • Access Info: wheelchair accessible and scent reduced

Daley Laing*

  • Location: Online or over the phone

  • Cost: Pay-what-you-can

Bridgid McGowan

  • Location: Close to the Commercial-Broadway skytrain station

Edward Sandberg

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Cost: $150 per 55min session, sliding scale down to $90

Dragonstone Counselling

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Access Info: three stairs with handrails, washrooms are gender neutral, scent-reduced space

  • Large(ish) practice with many folks working out of it.

Cora Bilsker

  • Location: Downtown Vancouver and in Victoria, BC

  • Cost: 120$ per hour, has a limited number of sliding scale spaces

  • Access Info: Offers Skype counseling sessions

Rena Iwasaki^

  • Location: West Broadway and Downtown Vancouver

  • Services available in both English and Japanese

Roya Vojdani

  • Location: Virtual and phone counselling

  • Cost: $147 per 50 min

Doctors and Specialists

Dr. Langner

  • Location: Ladner