Ace-Competent Professionals

If you have any suggestions for doctors/counsellors/anything or feedback on those already listed, please let us know! Shoot me an email at (I will always keep you anonymous)

If you already have a doctor/counsellor and want to explain asexuality to them, you can send them to this pdf.

Having a therapist that shares lived experiences can be very important. To help you find someone who shares those experiences, counsellors of colour have a ^ after their name and openly trans/non-binary therapists have a *.


Some of these therapists have been seen by local aces who’ve had good experiences and others have been recommended to us by other counsellors.

Lu Lam^*

  • Cost: $150 per 60min session

  • Locations:

    • Broadway and Cypress,

      • Main entrance flight of stairs, no elevator

      • Washrooms gendered, multi-stall

    • Broadway and Oak

      • Wheelchair accessible

      • Washrooms are single stall, gendered.

Matsui De Roo^*

  • Location: Chinatown

  • Cost: $175 per 50min session, has sliding scale options

  • Access Info: wheelchair accessible, scent-reduced space, the building has a non-automatic entrance door

  • Also supervises a community counselling program run by queer/trans graduate students for $60 per 50min session.

Amber Louie^

  • Location: Chinatown

  • Cost: $225 per session for individual, $180 per session for couple

  • Access Info: gendered washrooms, non-automatic door, elevator, fragrance-free

Carsen Farmer

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Cost: $120 per 50 min

  • Access Info: three stairs with handrails, washrooms are gender neutral, scent-reduced space

Vanessa Fernando^

  • Location: Chinatown

  • Cost: $130 per 50 min, $170 per 90 min

  • Access Info: wheelchair accessible and scent reduced

Daley Laing*

  • Location: Online or over the phone

  • Cost: Pay-what-you-can

Bridgid McGowan

  • Location: Close to the Commercial-Broadway skytrain station

Edward Sandberg

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Cost: $150 per 55min session, sliding scale down to $90

Dragonstone Counselling

  • Location: Kitsilano

  • Access Info: three stairs with handrails, washrooms are gender neutral, scent-reduced space

  • Large(ish) practice with many folks working out of it.

Cora Bilsker

  • Location: Downtown Vancouver and in Victoria, BC

  • Cost: 120$ per hour, has a limited number of sliding scale spaces

  • Access Info: Offers Skype counseling sessions

Rena Iwasaki^

  • Location: West Broadway and Downtown Vancouver

  • Services available in both English and Japanese

Roya Vojdani

  • Location: virtual and phone counselling

  • Cost: $147 per 50 min

Lori Finklea

  • Location: Fairview

  • Cost: $120 per hour

  • Access Info: Elevator available

Doctors and Specialists

Dr. Langner

  • Location: Ladner