Just learning about asexuality/aromanticism and wondering if it applies to you? Befuddled by all the newfangeldy words? We can help!


Here is some light reading recommended by our community members to help you on your way:

Introduction to Ace Stuff

Introduction to Aro Stuff

    • AUREA: Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy.

    • Guide to Aromanticism: resources, introductory information, and a list of aromantic creators.

    • Arocalypse: a community for those who identify as aromantic / greyromantic (and those who love them)

    • Alloaroworlds: a blog on allosexual and aromantic experiences. The author also has some flash fiction with allo-aro characters called Hallo, Aro.


More things!


Additionally, here are some other assets we've created together as a community!


Aromanticism 101

Created by a local community member frustrated by the absence of printable aro 101 resources, this booklet was created to be a little introduction to all things aromantic. For a document ready to be printed in to a booklet look here.


Notes to My Past Self

For Ace Awareness week a group of aces and aros got together at Spartacus Books to create the collaborative zine on the theme of Notes to My Past Self: Things we wish we knew before learning about asexuality and aromanticism.


Asexual Countercultures

In 2017, there was an "Asexual Countercultures" seminar held at Simon Fraser University. Part of this was a zine-making workshop on Ace History and Issues. Here is the result! (Sadly, with significantly less glitter than the "real-life" version.)

Critical Nonsexualites

Last year, Simon Fraser University was the first institution in the world to offer a full-length undergraduate course in asexuality studies, taught by one of our own, Dr. Ela Przybylo!


Asexual: A Love Story

This was a short documentary filmed for Telus in 2016 that features several members of the Vancouver ace community! (And one of our Victorian compatriots. :))


Ace Week Zine 2019

Our second zine making event for Asexual Awareness Week hosted at Spartacus Books.